Of Hope and Despair

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It starts with a touch
Warm, lazy winter noon
You are near, somewhere
in my heart, in my soul
My eyes feel heavy,
the dream so tempting
Feeling your breath on my eyes
Tears unshed, ecstasy of suffering

Holding back,
wishes untamed
Waiting for the years
A moment a day
My fingers, feel your smile
and my heart feels your pain
You wish I would ask even though,
I know you can’t stay

Counting, clinging on to the moments,
before I let you go
Close enough for whispers
Too far to touch
And I wish, sometimes
In the moments of weakness
I wish I couldn’t hear your heartbeat
Wish I didn’t know what goes on inside

I hear you leave, before you let -
me out of your arms
The wind falls silent
tip-toeing in the distance
Shy twilight – scared to touch
Empty canvas
Darkness covers me for the ritual
Another night of frost


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