Of Love and Shadows

Friday, May 30, 2008

Do you feel me beside you,
as the night surrounds us?
Can you feel me hold you close,
caressing, kissing your brow?
In your eyes, questions infinite,
Wanting me to concede.
Lips sewn, bloody
rusty chains, I have on my feet

The morning will come
The chill will be gone
But will you ever know,
that my heart was torn?
I let you pass by, looking
at me with eyes accusing
for hurting you every moment,
with my dead, silent spirit.

You call me heartless
I keep the vow of silence.
You walk in the sunshine,
renouncing the darkness and me
I hear your anger
cursing the eternity.
You call me coward
and turn away from me

But know this my love
even if I’m gone
my love will be with you,
keeping you warm.
And when the time triumphs
leaving marks on your face,
when the sun sets, in the darkness
you will find me once more.


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