Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Yes, I know, I have been really irregular. But no, this time I wasn’t travelling or recharging my batteries by going off the grid. As some of you know, workload has been really brutal. There are days when I have to manage with 2-3 hours of sleep (with dreams full of dancing numbers and data :D).

Last couple of day were different.

12th Nov, I was trying to stay afloat, juggling a million things and was cribbing to E about a faulty link @ cricinfo (I am a big time cricket fanatic, in case you didn’t know).

He asked me a question - heard of kluelesS?

I hadn’t. ( I was prepared for a round of – How lame! You don’t even know KluelesS! Hawww! Shame Shame! from his side. The usual. But I guess he was too busy himself to throw some class insults :P)

Klueless 5 a kind of puzzle, with several insane levels to crack (in case you don’t know), hosted by the IIM guys. It’s an annual event.

E sent me the link and as soon as I saw the Klueless 5, I knew I was in trouble. The guy indeed knows some of my weaknesses and I am sure he was trying to get me fired. ( he almost got his wish!!!)

Level 1 to Level 38.

There were some pictures and some clues (some of them pointing in the wrong direction). You don’t even know what you are looking for!!!! There are text boxes that can’t be typed in and there are buttons that can’t be clicked.

It took me 3 days to solve it. Yes, I could have done it in 2, but then gotta work and take care of other things.

One fact that amused me was that I was getting slightly sad when I reached the level 38.
The ecstasy of solving those crazy puzzles was coming to an end. As usual, my over analytic mind went into searching for parallels. And I thought, is this why the Joker didn’t wanna kill Batman? Is this why Sherlock Holmes would look for heroine when he had no exciting case to solve?

And then i realized. They don’t exist. I do. What does that make me? Insane, as some would love to point out..

Every time I crib about work –pressure, I am keenly aware of the fact that at least 40% of it is because I am addicted to things that make me think.

How can I forget the way I slept like a baby after cracking 6 levels of Klueless 5 in one hour. My mind was satisfied. It was a high like no other.

And now I am thinking.... what now?

I envy those people who can actually enjoy a day off. I am so jealous of those who can wake up at 11 am on a Sunday. My eyes are open at 6 and my mind never sleeps...

Has anyone ever died of thinking too much? :)

Just a thought


btw, my blog has been featured. Click here to read/leave a word there.

PS: I know, this post is very different from what I write. Hope you are not too disappointed.

PS: I am not posting the answers/hints to Klueless 5 levels here as it attracts misdirected hits. I don’t want crowd.
In case you wanna solve it. Here is the link – (HOF was filled even before I started, so don’t dream about it)

And no, don’t expect help from me. It’s something you must do on your own.

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