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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This is the toughest possible tag for me. I mean, me telling 10 things about myself!

Errrr.... it goes against all my instincts. I find it rather narcissist to talk about myself.. It would have been bit easier if there were set Qs...

I almost never get tagged.. and this one is from sweet Tanu, so now I gotta rant.. so here I go.

The Rules –

1. You must thank the person who gave you the tag/award and list their blog and link it

Tanu tagged me

You will be putting mine ;)

2. You must list 10 honest things about yourself
yeah yeah...

3. You must put a copy of Honest Scrap logo on your blog
putting in this post

4. You must select at least 7-8 other worthy bloggers and list their links
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5. You must notify the bloggers of the award and hopefully they will follow the above three requirements also.
will do once I am done with this post

10 things about me – Honestly

1. Commitment phobic
Strings scare me. It has always been insanely difficult for me to commit myself to anything, be it a relationship or even something I love to do, like writing. When I do make a commitment, I have to fight the urge to break-free.
I must have an escape route. A way out. This is why I tend to stay aloof... But then, there are a few exceptions to this rule :)

2. Claustrophobic
I think it’s just an extension of me being very possessive about my personal space. I absolutely hate being in a confined space. I can’t travel in fully closed elevator and can’t work in windowless offices. When I go to a restaurant, I must sit somewhere near an exit.

3. Addicted to reading
I can give up on watching movies.. or even sports.. But I can’t live if I don’t have access to books. I am always reading two books .. One thriller, to be read in breaks/travelling etc.. and one Classic, to be read before sleeping or when I have a few hours alone at home.
Right now I am reading The Brothers Karamazov (a Classic) and Bad Luck and Trouble (thriller – Jack Reacher series)
My 3 fav literary characters are Yevgeny Bazarov (Fathers and Sons), Howard Roark (The Fountainhead) and Heathcliff (Wuthering Heights)
I don’t read romance novels.

4. Can’t stand profanity
Being a writer (at least in my heart), words are precious to me. Words that have to be replaced with special characters annoy me. I can understand when someone is very agitated, but making them a part of your everyday language, using them like an adjective (or adverb) in every other sentence just shows that you lack in vocabulary. Sorry. It isn’t cool. Not to me.

5. Movie themes
I don’t watch Rom-Coms. I can watch an out and out comedy, but love stories or chick-flicks, I can’t. I prefer movies that are intense, with a dark twist to it. Martin Scorsese was and remains my favourite director, followed by Tarantino and Chris Nolan. In Hindi (my mother tongue) I prefer Gulzar as his movies are based on basic human psyche.

6. Favourite Superhero
I am in love with Batman! I can actually write a full length post on it. A man who is a superhero without any superpowers. He fought his biggest fear and made it the icon of his own strength. He has genius level intelligence and a ruthless nature to go with it. I especially like Batman because he is not perfect. He has his weaknesses; he has his own dark side to fight. He does not mind being worse with bad people. Basically, I love Batman, and I know I am repeating myself :D

7. Fascinated with firearms
I don’t know how I got this fascination with firearms. I am not a violent person. Perhaps it’s from being almost an army brat. I have got too many combat soldiers in my family and then a few friends. I love the way a gun smells.

8. Rather tough
I am the elder child with no brother. I guess this is the reason that I have always been rather tough. I was never a tomboy. I never dressed like guys, climbed trees or beat other kids etc but I have no problem with blood or injuries and I can take care of the chores generally assigned to the male members of a family.
I almost never cry. (I can sense Pete coming up with his line :D ) and its not a false bravado. Its just rather difficult to drive me to tears. I can handle a lot.

I am a happy person. Really happy in my skin :)

9. Hate those who snoop
I always respect the personal space of others and expect the same in return. I can never go through someone’s cell phone etc or ask Qs I have no business asking. I firmly believe that every person has a right to his/her privacy and if someone is a rather private person, it does not mean s/he has a giant skeleton to hide. Some people just prefer to be rather aloof and their choice should be respected.

10. Can never say no to any insanely tough riddle
You might have read my post – Ecstasy. If you did then you know what I mean by this. I can spend hours solving these riddles. Logical puzzles give me almost as much pleasure as an awesome book!

I thought about touching up on me being a loner who is never lonely.. but that would mean writing a lot (yeah, even more than i have, in this post :P ).. so some other time!

I guess this is the longest I have written about myself. Still feels weird!

I am tagging – (u may skip, if u have already been tagged by someone else)
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